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A personalized and targeted
approach to neuromodulation.

Our Personalized
Braincare™ Process
Measuring your
Your Braincare™ journey begins with an initial assessment of your brainwave activity through electroencephalography (EEG) a neuroimaging method. This helps identify any irregularities or imbalances in your brainwave patterns.
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Recording Analysis & Report Review
A report will be generated showing you the results of your initial scan. In the comfort of your own home, an EEG analyst will guide you through your BraincareTM Report to reveal deep insights about your brain’s current performance and provide next steps for your BraincareTMjourney.
Based on the assessment, MeRT uses transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to deliver targeted magnetic pulses to specific regions of the brain. These pulses are designed to influence and modulate brainwave activity.
The frequency and intensity of the magnetic pulses are adjusted according to your unique brainwave patterns and needs. The goal is to encourage the brain to synchronize its activity and establish more balanced neural connections.
Meet the medical professionals dedicated to your brain health.
Julie Kim , MD
Medical Director
Dr. Julie Kim, M.D., FACP

Julie Kim, MD, is a Board-Certified Internist specializing in Internal Medicine and MeRT (Magnetic e-resonance Therapy).

With over two decades of medical experience, Dr. Kim is the Medical Director at Braincare Performance Center - Cardiff, an occupational therapy, brain injury, MeRT (Magnetic e-resonance Therapy), and brain wellness center in Cardiff, California. She also serves as Medical Director at the Brain Treatment Centers in San Diego and Newport Beach.

Over the past decade, Dr. Kim has treated over 5,000 patients with MeRT. She was one of the first doctors to work with the technology and is the most experienced MeRT clinician in the world.

With her vast expertise and experience, Dr. Kim co-created the initial safety protocols and physician training programs and has worked with Wave Neuroscience to train and support other physicians. In the past four years alone, she has trained over 100 physicians to interpret qEEG results and use the complete MeRT protocols.

Since joining the Brain Treatment Center in 2013, Dr. Kim has pioneered MeRT treatment for various neurological conditions, including autism, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury, stroke, depression, and others. She is dedicated to providing a drug-free, non-invasive treatment that encourages brain development and optimizes brain function.

Braincare Performance Center - Cardiff offers state-of-the-art and highly innovative brain health solutions. Dr. Kim and her team of brain care experts combine science, the latest technology, and highly customized care to help patients recover after brain injury, enhance brain function, improve mental resilience, and enjoy the best possible well-being.

Dr. Kim has seen MeRT therapy change patients' lives and the community surrounding each patient. That’s why she’s so passionate about bringing this technology to as many people as possible.

Clinic Manager
Neuro Technician
Neuro Technician