Braincare Cardiff proudly accepts TRICARE insurance.

For Military, Veterans, and Family Members, if you or a loved one are experiencing Depression and seeking effective solutions, we can help. We are now part of the TRICARE insurance network, extending our support to military veterans and their families.

Tricare Coverage Now Available!
TRICARE insurance now covers our specialized Depression treatment programs. If Depression is your primary diagnosis and previous treatment endeavors, such as medication or therapy, have fallen short, you are likely eligible for this comprehensive coverage.

We understand all too well the profound toll that military service can take on active personnel, veterans, and their families. Having already serviced and helped so many who have made sacrifices for our nation, we recognize the challenges faced by you and your loved ones.

Qualifications Made Easy

To determine your eligibility for TRICARE-covered treatment, consider the following criteria:

  • Possession of TRICARE Reserve, Select or Prime insurance is a must.
  • Prior attempt with alternative medication or therapy yielded unsatisfactory results.
  • 18 years of age and above.

Navigating TRICARE Coverage

TRICARE Reserve and TRICARE Select: For Depression, no referral from your primary care provider is needed.

TRICARE Prime: A referral from your primary care provider is needed.  We have a form for you to take to your pcp.  We’re here to guide you through this process.


We’ll help you with the paperwork to make it as easy as possible and streamline the approval process with TRICARE.  

Call us at 858.306.1070 for more details.