The Brain Wave Challenge

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The Brain Wave Challenge

One big advantage of accessible EEG recordings is that it allows for before and after testing. You can track your brain activity before making lifestyle changes, taking supplements, or changing your diet, and then compare the results to see if there have been any improvements in your brainwave activity.

EEG brainwave recordings are also great for tracking the effects of exercise, meditation, and mindfulness practices. These practices have been shown to have a positive impact on brain function, but it can be difficult to know if you are doing it correctly or if it's actually having an impact on your brain. 

Start Your Brainwave Challenge

In the last blog, we discussed 5 natural ways to improve alpha wave activity in your brain. Now, we invite you to take part in your own “Brain Wave Challenge."

1. Start the challenge by stopping by Braincare Performance Center in Cardiff for an EEG brainwave recording.

2. Every day for 30 days, do 1-5 of the activities on this list.

3. Come back after 30 days and receive a second EEG to track your progress!

Our friends at Areté Adaptogens are here to help fuel your brain wave challenge. Use our code “brainwavechallenge” for 20% a month supply of Areté products, and 10% off your pre and post brain scans!

Brain Health and Longevity

Brain Health and Longevity

Measuring brain activity is essential for improving brain health, treating neurological disorders, and promoting longevity and long term brain performance. Braincare Performance Center is a game-changer when it comes to accessibility and affordability. 

At BPC, you can track your brain activity and make informed decisions about your health and wellness. EEG scans are a great tool for before and after tests to see if your lifestyle/supplement/diet choices are improving your brain. If you are interested in improving your brain health, Braincare Performance Center is the place to start.